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  • Sugar fixation
  • Drugs, alcohol or food addictions
  • Habits such as biting nails and picking loose skin
  • and more!

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Ilona successfully eradicates addictions to food and sugar with hypnotic treatments and other powerful techniques. The hypnotherapy techniques find the root causes of your addiction by breaking through your subconscious blocks and training your mind to develop healthy eating patterns and routines.

Addictions, including addiction to food and sugar, are most often caused by underlying emotional baggage in the subconscious mind. People often use drugs, alcohol or food to help them cope with problems or to dull emotional or physical pain. Using harmful substances, as well as food or sugar, to cope with issues doesn’t make them disappear. Addictions can make problems worse or even cause new problems, so it’s essential to treat the underlying causes in order to beat the addiction and live a positive and healthy life.

Ilona provides her clients with a variety of treatments that are designed to overcome any type of addiction, including food and sugar addictions. She uses a wide range of modalities and effective techniques to quickly break down the subconscious, emotional causes of addictions.

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