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Break free from your sugar addiction

July 10, 2019

Sugar addiction is a very real problem in modern societies where soft drinks, lollies, cakes, biscuits, and other treats are both extremely sweet and widely available. If you feel that sugar addiction is holding you back from achieving the healthy lifestyle you crave, try these tips.

#1 Make a sweeping change, and stick to it

Some people can eat one chocolate from the box, then put the rest away for tomorrow. If you’re not one of them, you may actually find it easier to eliminate sugar entirely than to try to push yourself to eat it in moderation.

#2 Consider your motivations

Very often, sugar addiction is linked not to any sort of physiological process, but to our emotions, memories, and past associations. Think about what needs sweet foods meet for you (such as comfort or indulgence), and look for healthier ways to fulfill them (cuddling up with a pet for comfort or such as indulging in a luxurious bath).

#3 Satisfy your sweet tooth the way nature intended

Breaking a sugar addiction doesn’t mean eliminating sweet foods from your life entirely. Instead, replace sugary foods with healthier, more natural options such as berries, mangoes, and other fruits. This substitution may not feel quite the same to begin with, but as your tastes shift, you’ll be surprised at just how delicious a fresh piece of fruit really is.

#4 Seek help if you need it

Because sugar addiction is so often linked to emotional baggage and subconscious triggers, you may find yourself struggling to break it independently. If this is the case, call in expert assistance to help you identify the underlying issues which are making sugar so hard to eliminate, and to provide strategies to make the change you want to make.

Ilona Nichterlein offers professional counselling which can support you to overcome your sugar addiction, as well as weight management, anxiety management, and other services. She uses a combination of hypnosis and counselling techniques to break through the subconscious barriers which are holding you back, and to help you develop healthy, sustainable new eating habits. Call her on 0411 046 175 to book an appointment or for more information.

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