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Can hypnotherapy really help me lose weight?

March 10, 2019

Like many other Australians, you’ve probably spent years of your life trying different diets and exercise regimes. You’ve worked hard, and told yourself that ‘easy’ solutions like hypnotherapy aren’t as effective as striving for the right combination of food and exercise. You’ve counted calories, said no to carbs, tracked your daily steps, signed up for gym memberships…but has any of it worked?

If the answer is ‘no,’ there’s a simple explanation: Most of our problems with weight come from what’s going on in our minds, not what’s going on in our bodies. For example, we don’t eat too much junk food because we’re confused about good nutrition. We eat it because opening that bag of chips or grabbing that hamburger has become a way to comfort ourselves when life is stressful. However, if we don’t address the underlying mental process of associating unhealthy foods with comfort, our only option is to rely on willpower to force ourselves to follow a healthy diet. Of course, when we’re stressed, our willpower falls apart, we pull into the drive-through, and we feel awful about yet another lapse.

Hypnotherapy provides a different path to weight management. Rather than allowing your subconscious mind to continue sabotaging your weight loss efforts, hypnotherapists help you to address and overcome the subconscious issues which prevent effect weight loss. This makes hypnotherapy a simpler, more effective solution than submitting to the endless cycle of fad diets. Rather than buying another set of recipe books from the latest guru, you’ll find yourself settling into a sustainable, satisfying pattern of eating and exercising – and confidently progressing towards your weight loss goals.

If you’re ready to step off the diet bandwagon and make a lasting change in your eating patterns, call Ilona Nichterlein on 0411 046 175 for more information on how hypnotherapy can help. As an experienced hypnotherapist, she uses a variety of different tools to meet each client’s individual needs, including the surgery-free hypnotic gastric band technique. This exciting approach uses the power of your mind to convince your stomach that you feel comfortably full after eating small portion sizes – without exposing you to the risks which are inherent in physical lap band surgery.

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