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Do you constantly suffer from pains which seemingly have no cause?
Perhaps you feel constantly tired, worn-down, muddle-headed, and overwhelmed.
In many cases the issue may not be physical, but emotional.

What is chronic illness and emotional pain?

There is a clear link between mind and body. When the mind is fatigued or not thinking in a positive way, it affects the body.

If the problems the mind is experiencing aren’t dealt with promptly and in a suitable way, chronic illness and emotional pain will be the result.

Many people are amazed to discover that the physical problems which they experience are related to emotional hurt they have suffered in the past.

The link between the onset of a physical condition and some form of mental trauma, like depression and anxiety, may not be obvious — sometimes people suffer tragic circumstances that affect them gravely mentally, but not develop any physical issue until years later.

Sometimes people develop crippling physical symptoms out of the blue. They may not even be aware that they have any mental trauma to deal with.

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to live a healthy lifestyle?

A common issue many people face is maintaining the motivation and commitment needed to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Are you finding that a chronic condition is affecting your ability to enjoy life?

Maybe the activities that you used to enjoy just don’t seem possible any more. Most frustrating of all, for a large number of chronic illness sufferers, there doesn’t seem to be much that conventional medicine can offer.

How many times have you told yourself — “Tomorrow will be different”, promising yourself that you’ll commit to healthier eating, working out, or waking up early.

You promise yourself… only to find that…

Often emotional pain can limit the ability to change.

However when the pain is eased, energy and drive flow in!

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • unexplained muscle or joint pain
  • stiffness
  • trouble sleeping
  • feeling tired all the time
  • brain fog
  • digestive issues (IBS, constipation etc)
  • trouble concentrating
  • anxiety and /or low mood
  • a depressed immune system
  • or any other form of chronic condition?

All too often, the link between mind and body is ignored, leaving sufferers with a chronic illness with no solution.

However, the right form of intervention that provides options for positive change, can really make all the difference.

I offer tailored therapeutic treatments for chronic conditions

After two decades of experience in hypnosis, psychotherapy and emotional wellbeing counselling,

I create customised solutions to relieve the chronic pain and illnesses you continuously suffer.

Understanding the cause behind your symptoms is a key part of effectively treating your chronic illness.

The therapies offered are designed to get to the root cause of the problem, then offer effective solutions that can yield long-lasting benefits.

By looking at the whole person, rather than simply their physical symptoms in isolation, it’s possible to put together a treatment that’s exactly right for an individual’s needs.

My chronic pain treatment can make a difference in your life.

After learning to manage chronic pain, my patients often experience:

    • Improved quality of life
    • Reduction in pain frequency
    • Reduction in pain duration
    • Reduction in pain intensity

Even if the pain is due to an identifiable clinical condition (such as arthritis or disc degeneration), effective pain management can improve quality of life.

When you attend your appointment, you will receive treatment tailored for you which is geared towards easing your pain as soon as possible.

My aim is for patients to see marked differences in their ability to manage and work with their pain within a very short time span.

Some patients see a difference in their ability to cope after just one session!

I offer simple techniques and strategies that give people the tools they need to move forward towards better mental and physical well-being.

In your session, you will learn how to reduce chronic pain and how to deal with emotional pain.

You can expect to receive:

    • Therapy that’s been tailored to deal with your specific problems
    • Techniques that are designed to effectively alleviate your pain straight away
    • Strategies that you can use over the long term to ensure any improvements are long-lasting
    • Positive input that is future oriented
    • An emphasis on time-limited, effective intervention that gives you the tools you need to self-manage your future.

Don’t suffer in silence.

Let’s chat about how we can work together to get you back on track.

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About Pain Management

In your session for pain management treatment, the first step is an in-depth assessment.

This detailed procedure gives the opportunity for you to provide the information necessary to reach an accurate diagnosis and allow an effective treatment plan to be created.

Your pain management program will be designed to suit your needs and aimed at optimising your progress and increasing effectiveness.

It will include pain management strategies that allows you to work around your pain, improving your quality of life and potentially reducing the level of pain you experience.

My pain management programme is set up with the intent to provide you with lasting solutions that work.

Why choose me?

Genuine change


Focused on you

You will be provided with the tools necessary to improve the areas of your life that you want to improve.

Focused on now:

You will learn what you can do now, not go over what happened in the past and what could have been different. You will receive a plan that will suit your current state.

Good value:

In only a few sessions you may achieve your goals. The strategies you will learn will have you begin to achieve lasting goals straight away.

Changes from day one:

The therapy you will go through is structured so that you start seeing positive changes instantly.

Holistic intervention:

You will improve not only your body, but your mind and spirit as well. Thus achieving beneficial changes that target every aspect of your well-being.

Suitable for all your needs:

Everything is customised to your needs. No matter your issue, an effective plan will be created to manage your pain.

Pain management techniques:

You will learn scientifically-proven pain management techniques that can make a measurable difference to the intensity, duration and frequency of your pain.

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Hypnotherapy for pain management

Hypnosis for pain relief is fast.

Many patients say they have noticed a change in their well-being and pain levels after just one session of hypnotherapy for chronic pain.

Hypnotherapy and pain management can work together to provide a holistic pain solution.

Ask me about my strategies for long-term pain relief.

Looking for more ways to use hypnotherapy to improve your health? Hypnotherapy can help you quit smoking and move towards your weight loss goals too.

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Counselling for pain management

Unlike traditional “talking therapies”, my pain counselling service is all about finding answers that work.

Instead of dwelling on past experiences, together we will develop the coping and management strategies you need to see real, lasting benefits.

Chronic pain counselling can provide relief to you even if you have been suffering for years.

By adopting a holistic approach, you will see fast changes in your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Psychotherapy for pain management

Psychotherapy for pain management emphasises effective answers and is adjusted to suit your needs.

Chronic pain sufferers that use psychotherapy, often find relief without needing additional drugs or other medications.

Customised treatment for pain management Canberra-wide

I offer a full selection of customised interventions which are focused on helping you achieve the outcomes you’re looking for.

Conveniently located for patients in and around Canberra, I am based in the Garran area of the city.

Call me on 0411 046 175 to find out more or to book an initial consultation

Together, we can do it.

With customised treatments suited to you, a happy and fulfilled life is within reach.

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My clinic is located conveniently in Garran and provides a safe, supportive and empowering environment to help you facilitate profound and lasting change.

38 Brereton Street, Garran, Canberra ACT 2605

If you are dealing with personal challenges in greater Canberra or the following areas, please reach out and let’s chat about finding a healthy solution to your problems.


Having struggled for years with chronic pain and debilitating tiredness, I had given up hope of ever feeling 100%. After just a few sessions with Ilona, I began to notice I had more energy and felt able to do more in a day. Although I feel it will take a while to get back to where I used to be, I am amazed at the difference in just a few short weeks
Mrs J, Canberra
Didn’t realise that talking could make such a difference! Ilona is caring and spot on with her advice and options. Wish I’d discovered her years ago
Mr M, Canberra

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ultimately the price of your treatment will depend on how many sessions are needed and what type of treatment is required in order for you to see an improvement.

    It’s not usually possible to give a quote until some initial work has been undertaken to see what the issues are and what type of intervention is likely to be best.

    If you are concerned about the cost, or you’re low on funds, I will be happy to discuss various payment options with you at the end of your initial consultation.

  • The number of sessions required varies from person to person, as one person may not respond in the same way as another. I will be able to give you more detail on the likely number of sessions required after your initial consultation.

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