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Here is how you can curb your alcoholic cravings

October 10, 2019

When you’re working to overcome problems with alcoholism, cravings are an extremely challenging part of your experience. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to manage them so that you can focus on a positive, addiction-free future.

#1 Know – and avoid – your triggers

Often, the desire to take a drink is triggered by certain circumstances, such as going to the football with your mates or seeing the wine list at your favorite restaurant. Identify your personal triggers, and make a decision to either avoid them entirely (e.g., find a new favorite restaurant) or change your routine to incorporate new habits (e.g., taking your kids to the football instead of your mates).

#2 Stay away from alcohol

When you’re struggling with cravings, keep yourself away from temptation by avoiding having alcohol in the house, attending parties where alcohol is served, or meeting a friend in a bar. You will need to enlist help from family and friends to achieve this, because if your spouse continues to stock the wine cabinet or your work buddies insist on Friday afternoon drinks, you’ll soon be fighting a losing battle with your own willpower.

#3 Involve yourself in your best life

If you sit alone in your house, thinking about nothing but ‘not drinking, not drinking, not drinking,’ you’re actually giving far too much attention to the very thing you want to avoid! Instead, renew your interest in old hobbies, pursue some new ones, and make time for whatever form of physical activity you find fun and fulfilling. Curbing your alcoholic cravings is important, but if it’s all you think about, you’re less likely to succeed.

#4 Seek professional help

Alcoholic cravings are no laughing matter, and most people in your situation need to reach out for some expert assistance during their healing journey. A skilled, compassionate counselor can help you to clear away some of the subconscious blockages and emotional baggage which have accumulated over the years, allowing you to see a clear path forward into an addiction-free future. Techniques such as hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can also help you to build healthy new mental habits so that you can meet your emotional needs without relying on alcohol.

Ilona Nichterlein is a highly experienced counselor with particular expertise in hypnotherapy and NLP. She offers an extensive range of counselling treatments for people struggling with addictions, and can also provide support with anxiety management and other problems which may be linked to your issues with alcohol. Call her on 0411 046 175 to book an appointment or discuss how she can help you effectively curb your cravings.

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