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Is hypnosis real? Top 5 things you didn’t know about hypnotherapy

February 10, 2020

People sometimes assume that hypnosis is a form of pseudoscience, and that hypnotherapy has little to offer except as a placebo effect for true believers. This assumption probably comes from the way hypnosis is shown on TV and in movies, with a flamboyant hypnotist waving a watch and a gullible audience member doing crazy things on command. It’s unfortunate that so many people hold this view, however, because hypnotherapy is actually a real, well-studied tool with the potential to make powerful change in people’s lives. Here are five things you may not know about hypnotherapy.

1. Scientific studies have shown that hypnotherapy is a powerfully effective technique for addressing a range of problems, including weight management, pain management, and smoking cessation.

2. Hypnotherapy is particularly successful when it is used in conjunction with other techniques, such as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), both of which help people to develop good mental habits and to sustain the progress made under hypnosis.

3. When you undergo hypnosis, you remain aware of your surroundings and in control of your actions. This means that (unlike people who are hypnotized on TV) you remain an active participant throughout your hypnotherapy treatments. It also means that it’s impossible to be hypnotized against your will.

4. One of the reasons hypnotherapy is so effective is that it bypasses the chatter and bustle of your conscious mind, and provides access to the thoughts and concerns lurking in your subconscious. This allows you to clear away any emotional baggage and blockages which are hidden from your conscious awareness but are holding you back from achieving your goals.

5. Hypnosis feels subjectively different for everyone. Some people say it feels like dozing, some feel heavier than they really are, and some say it feels like floating. These different experiences don’t have any effect on how effective a hypnotherapy program is, however.

If you’re interested in how hypnotherapy can help you to deal with emotional baggage, overcome an addiction, or tackle problems such as anxiety, weight management, and pain management, contact Ilona Nichterlein on 0411 046 175. She offers hypnotherapy in conjunction with a range of other techniques (including NLP), and tailors her services to meet the individual needs of each client.

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