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Solve Any Issues Quickly With Online or Phone Hypnotherapy

With Online Hypnotherapy you can access a professional virtual hypnotherapy session that is as effective as face to face hypnosis. It is also more convenient.

Ilona has spent years perfecting her hypnotherapy formula that has successfully helped thousands of people with a number of issues including weight loss, stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain management and much more.

Many of us never consider having online sessions; however they are in fact effective and safe. Regardless of whether you are face to face or in an online session, you will receive the same benefits as all of Ilona’s patients.

During hypnosis you will experience a very relaxed and meditative state of mind where you might notice that you have a heightened awareness of your subconscious. In this state your mind will begin to create new attitudes, behaviours and feelings towards your unwanted habits or beliefs. This process is like replacing old files on a computer with new ones. For example, you can delete and replace your identity as a smoker with a new permanent identity as a non-smoker.

How Does Online Hypnotherapy Work?

Online hypnosis is done via Skype, Zoom or Facetime. If you are uncomfortable with a video chat, we can still work effectively together over the phone.

How To Find The Best Space For Your Online Sessions

Online hypnosis offers the added benefit of having your session in a familiar and comfortable space.

Choose an area that is clean and clutter free with plenty of natural light. Ensure there are no distractions during your session by making sure your phone is turned off or placed in another room. Choose your most comfortable reclining chair to sit in; a sofa or a bed is also appropriate.

How Do I Pay For My Online Hypnotherapy Sessions?

I accept direct bank transfers and PayPal payments.