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Hi Ilona! Its been about 18 months since I started your Hypnotic Gastric Band Program..I’ve dropped 45 kilos. Thanks for all the great strategies and tools you gave me.

- Josie Yass, NSW

In two weeks the hives were gone and my eczema cleared. My acne started to reduce and my skin has been the clearest it’s ever been.

My thyroid is functioning normally again, and, my energy is back. I am no longer falling asleep on the couch after a short day of work, my eczema has cleared and I am breathing so much better.

I look forward to going to work each day, knowing that the events of the day will not be have an emotional affect as they used to and my health won’t be compromised.

Thanks to my Emotion Code practitioner, Ilona Nichterlein, whom I would highly recommend to anyone who has exhausted all medical avenues for their health and wellbeing.

- Tamsin De Vanto

When we started with you Ilona, I was seriously considering divorce. Now I am hopeful that we can take our marriage to a whole new level. We realize that we could not have got to this better place without your support, skills and guidance. We are looking forward to continuing to heal, communicate effectively, and truly love one another.

- Anonymous to preserve confidentiality

I could not bend my knee and I always had a lot of pain. Ilona worked her magic and I can now bend my knee without any pain at all.

Thank you, Ilona!

- Brian S.

I have struggled for years with over eating, bingeing and being overweight. I had my first session with Ilona about 2.5 months ago and my life has changed drastically. The weight has come off easily and I have enjoyed the process. I feel so much more confident and others have noticed my new slim figure!

- Tracey Gordon, ACT

My name is Glenys and at the age of 41 I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left wrist. My doctor told me that there is no operation to fix it and only drugs minimised the pain.

I took pain killers every day and had no flexibility!

I approached Ilona, who had previously helped me lose 50kg, after working on my weight. I am now pain-free and have 84% flexibility in my wrist after only 4 sessions.

I highly recommend Ilona especially people who are a little bit sceptical as I was. She is amazing!

- Glenys, Former Skeptic

In three months, I’ve lost 14 kilos and I’m now just 5 kilos away from reaching my ideal body weight and weight loss goal. The most exciting part is how much more confident I feel. And I know how to keep the weight off for good.

- Benjamin Farrer, ACT

I really didn’t know what to expect when I first asked you to work your Emotion Code on my 7-year-old white cat Dolly, who for about 6 months prior had started peeing on my bed. You transformed my cat back into one who uses the litter tray again. I simply cannot believe it!

Not only has her behaviour been modified but her general demeanour is now more calm and contented. Thank you so much for your regular updates, and your continued confidence that you would be able to help her.

- Polly Wise

With Ilona’s loving, non-judgmental guidance we worked toward transforming not just our relationship with each other, but our relationship with ourselves. We are sure that Ilona’s influence on our lives will be forever.

- P & J. Lyneham, ACT

I have been amazed by the results of my gastric band. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, I’ve now lost 20lbs and am confident that I will be able to maintain my target weight. I feel like I’ve finally got my life back

- Ms P, Canberra

Ilona took the trouble to come up with a solution that suited me. I felt that she listened to me as an individual and prepared a treatment that gave me the results that I was looking for. Really pleased.

- Mrs J, Canberra

We genuinely thought our marriage was over after my husband’s affair. Ilona worked with us to help us move forward and find more positive ways of communicating with each other. A year later and we are still much happier and moving forward together. Our marriage is stronger than ever!

- Mrs M, Canberra

Our relationship was falling apart because we didn’t know how to talk to each other. After only a couple of sessions, we began to communicate more effectively. I can’t thank Ilona enough for the help she gave us.

- Mr W, Red Hill, Canberra

Brilliant! Cold-turkeyed after just one session and won’t restart now. A good mix of commonsense tips and getting to grips with the reasons why I smoked, not just the symptoms, as it were

- Mr T, Canberra

I have tried to give up loads of times. Ilona’s help has been an absolute miracle – I’ve now stopped smoking for six weeks. Thank you so much.

- Mr B, Canberra

Didn’t realise that talking could make such a difference! Ilona is caring and spot on with her advice and options. Wish I’d discovered her years ago

- Mr M, Canberra

As a chronic anxiety sufferer, I found Ilona’s practical approach of enormous help. I managed to resolve quite a few issues and have the right tools to manage my anxiety when I feel that it’s getting out of hand. Many thanks!

- Ms W-S, Canberra

I have felt very low at times and my depression meant I wasn’t able to work. I found the way the treatment was focused around the outcomes I wanted really helpful. I now feel well enough to return to work part-time, as well as feel I have all the tools I need to keep well.

- Anonymous to preserve confidentiality