Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

I can help you with…

  • Weight loss using a hypnotic gastric band
  • Addiction to sugary foods
  • Binge eating & emotional eating
  • Improve your self-confidence and self-esteem

Fast and permanent results. Take the first step

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Have you tried diet after diet without success?

Are you a yo-yo dieter who’s lost their excess weight, only to put it back on again, along with a few extra kilos? Perhaps you start every day determined that today you will stick to your diet, only to binge out in the evenings… These are just some of the problems which people trying to lose weight and keep it off encounter. Unfortunately, giving up on losing excess weight isn’t really an option. Excess fat causes all sorts of health problems, including:

  • Increased risk of heart attack or stroke
  • Increased risk of developing cancer (including breast, colon and endometrial cancer)
  • Enhanced risk of developing Type II diabetes, and as a result risk blindness, Circulatory problems (which may result in abscesses and even amputation) and kidney problems.
  • Higher risk of joint problems, including osteoarthritis.
  • Risk of mental illness, like depression or anxiety.

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With customised treatments suited to you, a happy and fulfilled life is within reach.

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Reasons why your weight loss is not in your direct, conscious control

Excess fat is frequently perceived as undesirable, you may even feel ashamed of your body. You may suffer from low self-confidence and self-esteem. And may be at an increased risk of suffering from anxiety and depression. You may wish to avoid situations where your body is on display (for example, when exercising or in social situations). With so many potential issues, it would seem logical that anyone who is overweight would stick to a low-calorie diet until the excess weight was burned off, then remain on a maintenance diet for the duration. The reality is very different: people don’t just eat in order to satisfy nutritional requirements. They eat because it makes them feel good. Emotional eating, binge eating and a selection of eating disorders mean that for a number of people, eating is an expression of psychological distress rather than a physical need for food. Do you have these emotional eating symptoms?

  • You can eat large quantities of food (often sweet, high-carbohydrate or high-fat options) without feeling full
  • You can eat large quantities of food in a very short time
  • You don’t want others to see you eat
  • You feel shame, guilt, embarrassment, fear or even anger around food
  • You hide food
  • You find yourself snacking continuously

If you notice that you are displaying these symptoms, it could well be the case that achieving a suitable change in eating habits, and sticking to that change, could be almost impossible. What causes emotional eating? The reasons for emotional eating vary between patients. For some people, emotional eating may simply be due to the stress of being tired or hungry. For other people, emotional eating is triggered by discomfort in dealing with negative emotions. Studies show that high-carbohydrate, high-sugar foods release chemicals similar to narcotics – ideal for dulling bad feelings. Other people may binge when they are bored, or in response to a trigger that reminds them of a traumatic event in their life. Determining eating triggers is difficult. For many people, food is the go-to solution. One of the problems with emotional eating is that the forces which demand that we eat are very strong and may well be rooted in a traumatic past. This can mean that uncovering what the cause of the problem is can be a real challenge. People may be baffled as to why they constantly fail to stick to a diet. They may continuously start off strong, only to fail every single time. In these circumstances, therapy could be the way forward. Why is emotional eating such a problem? Finding an alternative to emotional eating can be extremely challenging. Many people have been using food as a crutch since childhood. It may well have been a real comfort during some difficult days. Even if people desire to lose weight, the thought processes which trigger comfort eating, emotional eating, binge eating and similar issues are very complex – many people will genuinely try and lose weight, remaining baffled as to why they are consistently unable to do so, even when they can clearly see the benefits. Hypnotherapy offers a way to break through entrenched thought processes, giving people a chance to do things differently when it comes to weight-loss this time around.

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The Hypnotic Gastric Band

Although counselling and psychotherapy can be used to aid sustained weight loss and post-loss maintenance, hypnotherapy for weight-loss is particularly popular. A hypnotic ‘gastric band’ involves getting the patients into a relaxed state, before planting the suggestion in their minds that they have had a ‘gastric band’ fitted. Their subconscious mind will believe this, and automatically start eating smaller meals (just like they would if a ‘gastric band’ had been fitted). This approach can result in permanent weight loss and make maintenance much easier. Hypnotherapy can also be used to plant positive suggestions around appetite control and other healthy eating messages. My eighteen years of experience as a fully qualified hypnotherapy professional ensures you get the results you need in as little as one treatment.

Why choose us

Genuine change We won’t spend precious time endlessly talking about your problems. Problems are solved by taking appropriate action. Together we ‘unlearn’ old patterns through dynamic, empowering sessions that act as the catalysts for change.
Single session The hypnotherapy gastric band procedure can be carried out in a single session. No follow-up is needed and most patients experience a noticeable reduction in disordered eating right after the procedure has been carried out.
Highly experienced and professional
Fast, effective results. Sessions aren’t spent delving into your past. Instead, speedy solutions that deliver results are the focus.
Targets the cause Hypnotherapy can work on the entrenched thought patterns which trigger disordered eating.
Manage independently You will receive the tools needed to manage your weight independently.
Excellent value You can start seeing results and changed eating habits in one session.
Individualised service You will receive treatment that’s tailored to meet your specific requirements

Get in touch with us now for a customised solution to your weight-loss issues You will receive weight-loss therapy that has an excellent track record of success. My service covers the whole of the Canberra area. Conveniently located in Garran, you can come in and find out more about what you can benefit from this. Or you can book your hypnotherapy gastric band today,

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I have been amazed by the results of my gastric band. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, I’ve now lost 20lbs and am confident that I will be able to maintain my target weight. I feel like I’ve finally got my life back
Ms P, Canberra
Ilona took the trouble to come up with a solution that suited me. I felt that she listened to me as an individual and prepared a treatment that gave me the results that I was looking for. Really pleased.
Mrs J, Canberra

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you commit to the treatment plan and work with the therapist conscientiously, a hypnotherapy gastric band course of treatment could set you up for a lifetime of healthy eating and weight maintenance.

    Generally, the results at my clinic are very good, but I cannot guarantee how long the effects of your treatment will last

  • The exact number of sessions depends on you.

    If you’re already extremely committed to the idea of weight-loss and will embrace the opportunities that the band offers -- one session may be enough.

    But if you have additional issues which may need to be dealt with first, or need more assistance to make optimal use of their band -- you may need more sessions. Regardless, you will be provided with a tailored programme of treatment that’s geared to your specific requirements.

  • It’s impossible to give you a set price, as progress and results vary between patients.

    However, following your first consultation, a good estimation can be made.

    Cost is dependent largely on the number of sessions required before you are satisfied and you have gained the right tools to achieve your weight-loss goals.

  • Yes! Because hypnotherapy bands aren’t actual medical procedures, they are suitable for a wide range of patients.

    Although diet and exercise are critical to the success of the procedure, a simple program of calorie restriction and portion control is normally sufficient to achieve an appropriate level of weight loss, along with the psychological assistance provided by the band.

    This technique is particularly effective with yo-yo dieters, who may have tried a wide variety of different diets in the past, with limited success.